December 8, 2017


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Every year, LBW sends college students to the annual professional development conference. These amazing young women learn and grow and are matched with professional women who agree to be their mentors.
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Sandra Finley
President & CEO
League of Black Women
Bring a Girl Into Your World
In January 2010, the League of Black Women, in partnership with the Chicago Public Schools, launched “Bring a Girl Into Your World,” a unique mentor program that paired 6th through 8th-grade girls from low-income communities with high-ranking professional Black women, including judges, C-Suite executives and entrepreneurs.
Rep. Alcee L. Hastings (left) made the following commendation before the U.S. Congress congratulating the League on its community efforts and outreach through its global leadership conference and mentor programs. The League thanks Congressman Hastings (D-Fla.) for his ongoing support of its initiatives and programs.
“Celebrating the League of Black Women’s “Bring A Girl Into Your World” Mentoring Program and Eighth Annual Global Leadership Conference”
 Mr. Speaker, I rise today to celebrate the extraordinary efforts of the League of Black Women on their annual  leadership conference that commences on May 17, 2011. The conference will commemorate the amazing work this organization continues to do in order to equip women with strong leadership skills and invaluable life experiences.

The League of Black Women was founded in the 1970’s by Dr. Arnita Young Boswell, and in the intervening years it has set itself apart as a powerful vehicle for lasting impact by evolving to fit the needs of its membership as they navigate a world in flux. Indeed, our globalized society is anything but stagnant, and neither is the League. With nearly 10,000 members worldwide, each decade has ushered new service themes for the organization. From a higher education and community service focus, to career development, to networking, to its current concentration on leadership research, education, and joyful living, it takes a pervasive approach to promoting leadership and success amongst its membership.

Mr. Speaker, I am most impressed with the League’s efforts to reach youth through its “Bring a Girl into Your World” mentoring program. This initiative pairs middle school girls in low-income, at-risk school districts with League members to help broaden their minds, horizons, and visions for the future. So many young people underperform through crucial high school years, because they have not been challenged to consider the reality, let alone the opportunity, of their future career paths. Through their strategic focus on this age group, the League provides young girls with this invaluable insight at a critical juncture in their lives.

I am firmly committed to serving the underserved and to promoting diversity in all avenues of society. This program falls perfectly in line with those objectives by opening doors for African American girls to reach their full potential. Our society has so much to gain from the unique talents and perspectives of these remarkable young women, and I offer my heartfelt gratitude to the League for their enduring work to raise their chances at leading full, successful lives.

Important initiatives like the “Bring a Girl into Your World” program facilitate the League’s goal of achieving global impact and leadership through the development of strong, genuine interpersonal relationships and networks. This aim is showcased in the theme of its eighth national strategic leadership conference entitled “Black Women 2011: New World Power . . . When Your World Is Not Enough.” This conference will be held in May 17-20, 2011 in Tampa, FL and promises the continued empowerment of the League’s membership through nuanced and expert guidance in a host of vital topics that address both professional and personal betterment.

Again, congratulations to the League of Black Women on their strides toward bringing equality and opportunity to the disadvantaged youth of this nation, and on this year’s conference. Your efforts are truly inspiring.