November 12, 2017


Corporate Partner Proposal 

Individual Membership Pricing

Membership Type Annual Contribution
Lifetime* $1000.00
Power Broker $500.00
Sponsor Leader $250.00
Mentor $175.00
Emerging Leader $150.00

*= Single Payment

All other contributions will renew annually automatically.  You may cancel your membership at any time and for any reason.

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LBW Leadership descriptions:

Emerging Leader
Women with great potential for leadership and are emerging leaders in their professions or community.
Women experiencing success and actively involved with deep roots in their professions and community.
Women who have achieved great success in their profession and community.  Readily identified leaders who are renowned for their expertise or career highlights and are often chosen to serve on non-profit or corporate boards, seek elective office or appointed to high-ranking commissions.
Power Brokers
Women who are nationally recognized for their extraordinary leadership in business, government or society.