October 1, 2017

Research: Fostering the Leadership Potential of Black Women

The League of Black Women Global Research Institute is the only nonprofit organization that produces ground-breaking research that specifically deals with the challenges — and provides solutions and suggestions — for professional Black women in pursuit of leadership ambition.

Fostering the Leadership Potential of Black Women in America: Support for Retention and Engagement (2007)

Because the lives of professional Black women in America have been understudied and their contributions as leaders undervalued, the League of Black Women conducted the survey, “Having Our Say: Fostering the Leadership Potential of Black Women in America,” to help eliminate the challenges Black women face as they strive to fulfill their leadership potential and achieve socio-economic parity
for themselves, their families and their communities.
The report includes an assessment of the key barriers to Black women realizing their leadership potential; recommendations for how corporations can remove those barriers to foster Black women’s leadership potential; and the personal stories of Black women endeavoring to rise to leadership positions against tremendous odds.

Download report by clicking link below:

LBW Fostering Leadership Potential of Black Women