May 6, 2017

Research: Black Women’s Economic Agenda

The League of Black Women Global Research Institute is the only nonprofit organization that produces ground-breaking research that specifically deals with the challenges — and provides solutions and suggestions — for professional Black women in pursuit of leadership ambition.

The League of Black Women undertakes to establish a Black Women’s Economic Agenda with the goal of promulgating national public policy specifically aimed to remove and remedy the structural impediments that historically and currently serve to prevent achievement of economic power in the United States. LBW’s insistence that Black women be the focus of this economic agenda is predicated on the belief that the individual and collective lives of Black women matter; have intrinsic value. It is buttressed by the understanding that our economic empowerment gives automatic agency for improving the socio-economic outcomes for our children, families and communities, and further, would serve to enhance the economic strength and competitiveness of our country as a whole.

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Black Women’s Economic Agenda