June 22, 2017

Study Shows Black Women are Most Likely to Desire Top Executive Jobs

imrs.php The number of women holding CEO positions among America’s largest corporations is, as everyone knows, very small. Just 23 women are CEOs of companies in the S&P 500. But the number of female African American chief executives among those top businesses is downright minuscule: There is only one black woman, Xerox’s Ursula Burns, at this pinnacle of corporate power.

That’s certainly not for lack of ambition, according to a new report released Wednesday from the Center for Talent Innovation, a think tank founded by the economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett. In its research sample, 22 percent of African American professional women said they aspire to a powerful position with a prestigious title, compared with just 8 percent of white professional women.

Black women in the sample also reported being more confident they can succeed in powerful positions than white women (43 percent versus 30 percent) and more likely to say high earnings were important to their careers (81 percent versus 54 percent).

The new report also digs into findings from a 2014 study by CTI, which looked more broadly at what professional women and men want out of their careers. At the time, that report found women were generally ambitious about wanting to excel in their careers, make money, and work in jobs that let them empower others and serve a broader mission — but were much less likely than men to gun for high-ranking jobs in their organization.


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