January 29, 2018

Online Database Lists Over 400 Black Women Politicians to Support

Representative Maxine Waters

The highly publicized Senate race between Democrat Roy Jones and opponent Roy Moore, who was accused of multiple counts of sexual misconduct, allowed the nation to witness the power of the Black vote — specifically Black women’s vote. Despite heavy criticism of Moore from women across the nation, last December’s special election proved that Black women didn’t just talk the talk, but ultimately decided the fate of the election, with 98% voting for Jones.  A stark contrast to white women who stood at only 63%.

After witnessing the events of the Alabama election, popular author and blogger, Luvvie Ayaji, was inspired to find a list of Black women politicians to support. Ayaji and a group of friends began creating an ongoing list, which has grown into an online database called Black Women in Politics.

The database now houses over 400 Black women candidates and provides a filtered summary of those running on the federal, state or local level, in red or blue states, and candidates who are incumbents or challengers. The database also features a section for recommending politicians to add to the list.

Ayaji states that Black Women in Politics is just the first step in supporting Black women politicians. Nonetheless, it’s a step that was inspired by the power of Black women and hopefully encourages a strengthened momentum for upcoming elections.

Check out Black Women in Politics and read the full Huffington Post article.


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