May 8, 2017

LBW Presents New Webinar: The Fabulous Fake vs. Real Black Women

150612092018-rachel-dolezal-split-exlarge-169League of Black Women Presents:

The Fabulous Fake vs. Real Black Women

Having Our Say – with Sandra Finley, LBW President

In the midst of the recent Rachael Dolezal controversy, the civil rights activist who posed as a black woman, there has been a lot of  heated debate and speculation about what she did and why she did it. Dolezal parlayed her impersonation into leadership opportunity by misrepresenting herself as a black woman for career gain and social access.

But, rather than focusing on the Dolezal’s nearly decade-long stunt, LBW President, Sandra Finley, has a different take on this story that has dominated the news ways – focusing on the state of the real black women in today’s workplace through the LBW research study, “The State of Black Women In Today’s Workplace – Daughters of The Dream: Their Lack of Sponsors, Support and Promotions,” which reveals the true and troubling state of Black women authentically working for leadership opportunity.

Join Sandra Finley in an upcoming webinar that identifies the struggles of the undoubtedly and unsympathetically black, professional women.

Register for Friday’s Webinar, join the discussion and find out what LBW knows about your real chances for leadership in today’s workplace. 

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