January 28, 2018

LBW Showcase

League of Black Women News

Online Database Lists Over 400 Black Women Politicians to Support

The highly publicized Senate race between Democrat Roy Jones and opponent Roy Moore, who was accused of multiple counts of sexual misconduct, allowed the nation to witness the power of the Black vote — specifically Black women’s vote. Despite heavy criticism of Moore from women across the nation, last December’s special election proved that Black […]

16th Annual LBW Leadership Symposium

Call 708-506-3111 today for registration for 16th Annual LBW Leadership Symposium & Tech Career Expo May 7-9, 2018 at Atlanta Marriott Marquis.   Full Symposium Registration Link One  

Crain’s Survey Reveals Why Women Leave Their Jobs

A new survey commissioned by Crain’s and executive women’s group the Chicago Network reveals a startling statistic: Of the 1,000-plus women who took the survey, 42 percent voluntarily left positions within the past five years because they didn’t feel recognized and didn’t see opportunities for advancement. That’s 2 women for every 5 across a breadth […]

Study Shows Black Professionals’ Emotional Factors in Predominately White Workplace

To be a black professional is often to be alone. Most black doctors, lawyers, journalists, and so on—those in white-collar positions that require specialized training and credentialing—work in environments where they are in the racial minority. This comes with challenges. Beyond outright discrimination, which many still face, there are psychological costs to being one of […]

Black women and children continue to struggle despite job growth

Despite the upward change in the economy and improvement in job growth from 2013 to 2014, Black women continually struggle financially, according to the US Census Bureau. Unfortunately, with the struggle of Black women comes the affects that it has on Black children. For Black children, the poverty rate has increased about 3.4 percent in recent […]

Why Silicon Valley Is Failing Miserably At Diversity, And What Should Be Done About It

SAN FRANCISCO — When Angelica Coleman, a young African-American woman, walked into the offices of Dropbox Inc. for a job interview in October 2013, one of the first things she noticed was how nobody there looked like her. When she quit this February, one of the last things she was told by her direct manager […]